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Q: I reserved an entire wine wagon, where do we get picked-up from to start the tour?

A: Generally, you choose the place where we pick you up and drop you off when you reserve an entire bus.

Since the Wine Wagon is driven by a sober driver, passengers are free to enjoy local wines without the worry of driving during your tour. However, getting home safely is a very important consideration not to be forgotten. Select a designated driver, or drivers before the tour begins putting your exit strategy in place before it may become too late to do so.

Q: What time do I get picked up?

A: Generally we like to have everyone boarded and on the way by 1030AM. 

Q: How many passengers can board the wine wagon?

A: Maximum of 14 passengers are permitted to board and have fun. 

Q: How much does it cost to reserve an entire wine wagon?

A: To reserve the entire wine wagon starts at $465 plus gratuity.  Did you know the average cost of a lawyer for a DUI is almost $3000. 

Q: How much will it cost for my wife and I to reserve two seats? 

A: Individually it costs $65 a person to reserve a seat. Individual reservations must be made 1 week in advance so we can prepare accordingly to find drivers.  Last minute reservations are rare, but you can always try calling Sammy or Mike at 215-659-0555.

Q: What time do I get picked up?

A: Generally we like to have everyone boarded and on the way by 1030AM. 

Q: I reserved two seats on the wine wagon, where do we get picked-up from to start the tour?

A: Individual reservations will be picked up at the Warminster Railroad Station at 100 Station Road, Warminster, Pa 18974. 

Q: Can we pick where we visit?

A: If you are reserving an entire wine wagon, ABSOLUTELY!!! Our three wine wagon routes that run each weekend are there as guides. 

Q: How long can we expect to spend at each establishment?

A: On average expect to spend roughly 60 minutes at each winery.  But remember you set the pace.  Could be more, could be less.

Q: Am I able to change the which wineries we go to once I have boarded the vehicle?

A: Only if you have rented the whole wine wagon can you change how long or skip a winery on the tour option you choose.  Individual bookings will follow the Wagon 1's Route. 

Q: Do you make the reservations for us at the winery?

A: No. Any and all reservations for wine tastings, wine tours, etc. are the sole responsibility of you and your group.  We highly recommend you call ahead to each winery to see what kind of reservations they require. Once we know the route, we will handle the vehicle arrival reservations. 

Q: What is included in the price of the winery tour? 

A: Wine Tasting fees are not included, and any reservations will need to be handle by you prior departure.

Tax is included. Gratuity is optional. The WINE is not included in the price.

Q: Can we eat & drink while riding in your vehicle?

A: Sure, no problem. Most of the wineries have snacks and food trucks which are usually more than enough if you aren't the packing type. 

Q:What is your cancellation policy?

A: WHAT! Don't cancel, have fun, make memories, and for goodness sake be nice to the driver.  BUT, if you need to cancel, click here.


Q: What happens if my husband and I reserve two individual seats and the trip gets cancelled because the minimum amount of riders weren't booked? 

A: In the event, there are not seven individuals signed up on a day, we will offer to reschedule or refund your money.


Q: What if I little too much fun and end up making a mess on the bus? 

A: Guests will be fully responsible for any charges related to sickness in a vehicle due to alcohol consumption, and a minimum cleaning fee of $275 will be assessed, via debit or credit at the end of the tour, if the vehicle needs any sort of cleaning.   

Q: How old do you have to be to ride the wine wagon?

A: All guests must be 21 years of age or older and must provide proof upon boarding the vehicle. 


Q: How many passengers can you take on each vehicle?

A: Our buses can handle up to 14 passengers, and our vans can hold up to 10 passengers. 

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