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“Thank you to our driver Ken & the BuxMont staff for supplying a bus last minute for our work Christmas Party. The bus arrived earlier than expected and Ken was terrific!” ~ Jenna, Archer Systems
“I wanted to compliment you on your driver, Ron. I was very happy in September when I found out he would be Jack's van driver. He's always friendly, timely and an excellent driver. When Katie called to let me know that Jack's van had been in a minor accident this morning at the end of our street, I walked right over. I was so impressed with Ron's professionalism as well as his care and concern for Jack and the other student on the van. He simply could not have handled the situation any better and I wanted to express our appreciation.” ~ Diane Joyce
“I am writing this to let everyone know that my daughter, who is special needs and going to be 35 years old, rides on a Bux-Mont bus everyday. Nicole loves her bus and especially her bus driver, Tom. Let me explain. Tom is a great man and so down to earth. I look out the front door around the holidays and here he is as Mr. Santa Claus. All I could do is smile as my daughter was laughing! Nicole always says he is a real nice man. He pulls up daily and on different occasions and he either has on silly glasses or a mask. When Tim sees Nicole, he leaves and drives around the cul-de-sac and comes back and has my daughter laughing. My daughter is obsessed with her cell phone and one day she forgot it. That would have been a rough day for all concerned, but again, Tom comes to the rescue and turned around and got her phone. Everyone should be this way with people and those that work with special needs people should clearly take lessons from Tom. He is truly a man that should have recognition on his loving and kind ways. Thanks for taking the time to read this!” ~ Jane Ware
“I want to say thank you to our friends at BuxMont, who provide transportation for many participants in the Memory Fitness Center program. Without this service many folks who join us each day would be unable to do so. We appreciate the assistance you offer to family caregivers as they learn how to navigate the scheduling system; while this is second nature to us it can be initially confusing for families. Those who answer the phones at BuxMont are patient and helpful; I know families are grateful for this response. Please extend our thanks to the drivers who help our participants feel comfortable, secure and at ease. I have often thought we are asking a lot of an older person, especially one with memory loss, to get into a vehicle with someone he or she does not know, to be taken to a place he or she may not remember. Drivers who treat folks with patience and kindness make a huge difference each day, and we are very appreciative of those who do so. They provide more than just transportation, and that makes all the difference in the world to their passengers. Thank you again for the service you provide and the care with which you offer that service,” ~ Kathy Rovine Coordinator, Memory Fitness Center Muller Institute, Abington Memorial Hospital
“I just wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Bux-Mont Transportation for their excellent service to all of us at Willow Grove Training Center. I personally have had the pleasure of working with the Valenza's for thirty years. I have first hand knowledge of how this company has grown and improved over time. The Valenza's have shown their generosity to us on numerous occasions when they provided consumers rides to and from parties and events free of charge. As you are aware, many consumers are on a fixed budget and have limited funds available to them for extras but the Valenza's have always been a family who have a special interest in our group and have supported individuals who are mentally challenged throughout the years.. The Bux- Mont drivers are more than drivers to our consumers. They become personally involved with individuals as well as their families. Bux-Mont drivers have gone out of their way to keep workshop staff informed in any changes in behaviors or living arrangements. This information is extremely helpful to us and allows us to work together in order to provide individuals with the best possible care. The drivers set the tone for the individuals' day as well as provide them with a safe, comfortable ride to work. We are very grateful to our friends at Bux- Mont for all they do for us and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.” ~ Kathleen Alcorn, decmc.org
“Bux-mont Transportation has been providing safe, reliable para-transit transportation services to clients served by our agency for over 15 years. Bux-mont Transportation’s drivers are caring professionals who are well trained and committed to safety. The clients and staff know the driver and this has allowed respectful and friendly relationships to develop. Communication with the office staff is helpful and handled in a timely manner. We are very happy with the services provided by Bux-mont Transportation.” ~ Betty Giuliano Indian Creek Foundation Vocational Services Operations Coordinator

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